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About Us

Panda Society is a collection of 10000 unique 3D Pandas and are united together on the Ethereum Blockchain. Each Panda is unique, based on hundreds of well-designed 3D elements in high quality.

When you enter the Panda Society, you will be a part of a huge Family and enter a new World, where we believe in the New Web 3 Technology.

10.000 Unique Pandas


The Panda is a powerful spirit animal, and the idea behind designing Pandas in 3D Web Technology is based on respect for the environment and World balance.

For each Panda sold we donate 10 trees to be planted by onetreeplanted.org the best way to protect the real Pandas. The team behind Panda Society is very focused on quality from top to toe in every detail.

Whats in the pipeline


Phase One

The clothing line!

Phase Two

Panda society begins to airdrop cough syrup to everyone they captured with a Panda Society NFT in their wallet, the day before. You get a free cough syrup NFT in your wallet. Be patient! The airdrop may take a few hours depending on blockchain activity!

Phase Three

Physical vinyl collectibles

Phase Four

Release of the Lost Toy collection and the 100.000 trees will be planted together with

A unique team

Meet the Panda team

This is the team managing this project – all very dedicated to Art, Design and Pandas.

MicasFounder, Marketing

JeppeFounder, Marketing

HesamFounder, Design

EdmontFounder, Finance


3D Artist


3D Artist

Frequently Asked Question


Date TBA

Price TBA

When the raffle happens you will in the given timeframe be able to enter your Ethereum wallet address. To give everyone a fair chance, we let our software decide who will be able to mint. 

You can buy via Metamask Ethereum Wallet.

1. Achieve level 5.

2. Invite 20 (real) friends to the Panda Society discord.

3. Change your Discord profile picture to one of the Panda Society NFT’s.

4. Put “| Panda Society” after your Discord username.

Disclaimer: There is nothing that can guarantee you being whitelisted. However, these requirements increase your chances, and will therefore be worth fulfilling if you want to be whitelisted.