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Meet the one and only


Our (LCA) Lead Character Artist at JPEG Factory is our beloved Kostas. Kostas is the guy who brings all of our ideas to life by creating character models, environment assets, fur and textures. Kostas is a graduated from Truemax Academy at just 23 and has since worked within the VR/AR and Media fields. Kostas has worked on the award nominated PC game ‘Cai Cai Bal√£o’ at DADIU and has made commercials for one of the biggest cable companies worldwide. A nerd, passionate about 3D art, storytelling and worldbuilding.

Meet the one and only


3D Artist who has worked with an app company called CameoGames with over
200.000.000 downloads. Most important things are: Honesty and leaving every room with a little more energy than when I entered I have had my fingers in every pie of the 3D Art pipeline, jack of all trades but my
dream is to master animation and simulation. Graduated Truemax Academy as a 3D Generalist and have 7 years of customer service experience.
I’m a huge nerd with a capital N, playing video games every day since I was 7
playing DnD every wednesday

Meet the one and only


I am the Technical Art Director at JPEG Factory and graduated from Truemax Academy in 2021. I focus on the technical aspects of the art pipeline, in which I build rigs for the characters and tools for the artists. I worked as a Rigger at Wil Film after I finished my education, wherein I made characters, vehicles and objects ready for animation in the web video series “Duck on Call” for Playmobil. During my education I worked on a very unique game called “Gneiss: A Misshapen Journey” in which you play as a rock-man that breaks
into a vulnerable ball after a huge fall, and has to adapt to his new abilities. I created shaders, rigs and particle systems for the game. I am an avid gamer in my free time, playing all sorts of games like “The Witcher“, “Warcraft”, and “Pokemon”

Meet the one and only


Oliver Lund is an 3D Artist educated from Truemax Academy.
His areas of expertise is 3D modeling, texturing and rendering. Oliver’s favorite subject of work is within science fiction and he dreams of one day creating and directing a full length feature film based on a concept he has been working on for years. It should be mentioned that Oliver has worked on both film and games related projects Oliver has worked on various projects for a variety of companies and institutions including Nila Games, Rokoko, Dadiu, and now working as the Modeling and Textures Director for JPEG Fabrikken.

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